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I offer one-on-one coaching programs via Skype or in person, when possible. Information about these programs is available below. If you’re ready to explore your possibilities with me, let me know. I’d love to meet you for a 20 minute consultation to answer any questions you have and to see if we are a good match! (Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll contact you to set up an appointment.)

How We Begin

Intake & Assessment
(60- 90 minutes)

Our first session starts with an intake and assessment. This gives us an opportunity to get to know one another, and most of all, gives me an opportunity to get to know who you are, where you currently are in life, what you most want, what you’re facing, and more about what you want to work on.

During this session we’ll establish your Topic for the coaching program. Your Topic is a single sentence that encompasses what your coaching program is on behalf of. All of your practices and developmental objectives throughout the program lead directly back to supporting you in embodying your Topic.

Here are some Topic examples:

  • To claim my power and value, prioritizing my time and energy toward designing a sustainable lifestyle on behalf of joyful thriving.

  • To be better able to let go of having things done a particular way in my business and be able to better support my staff in becoming more independent as they each shine in their own unique ways.

  • To feel more connected to and more at home in my body as I discover creative ways to bring more movement into my daily life.

  • To claim my value, and start connecting to my heart on behalf of nurturing my personal needs and aspirations.

  • To be more comfortable with myself, learn more about what brings me joy and deepen my connection to Source as I create new boundaries in my life.

    During the Intake session we’ll explore as much about your current relationship to your Topic as we can. We’ll also explore the transformation and development you most deeply want to embody.

    Offer Session (60-90 minutes)

    After the intake and assessment I’ll take all of the information gathered and spend time writing your program. Your program will include specific and clear outcomes of what you want to achieve. You will have a roadmap for our work together, so that it will be clear what we are working on and why.

    We will meet again for another 60- 90 minute session where I’ll offer you the program. While I do initially write the program, it’s vital that every aspect of it resonates with you. If there’s a part of the program that doesn’t feel like a good “fit”, we will work together to co-create your program until it fully resonates with you.

    You’ll leave the Offer Session with your first set of custom designed practices to help you develop and enhance your awareness and set you on the path to embodying the change you desire.

    During the Program

    After the Intake and Offer sessions, we will meet twice a month (in person or via Skype) for a 60 minute session.

    In these sessions we track what you are building in yourself from your latest practices and continue to shine light on places that need illuminating. We’ll explore where your next edges are and you’ll leave each session with a new set of custom designed practices.

    Between sessions, you’ll work with these practices to support you in your development toward realizing your new way of being in your topic.


    At the end of your program we’ll reflect back together where you started in the program and acknowledge what has really shifted in you and the momentum you’ve created during the program. We’ll also look at ways to support that momentum, and what you’ve been developing to carry you beyond the program.

    What the Integral Coaching® Program Includes

    • A customized coaching program designed around the topic in your life you want to focus on and the transformation/results you desire.
    • Individualized, in-depth assessment of your current way of being in your approach to your topic and what this way of being allows for, as well as the ways it’s holding you back from the results you’re seeking.
    • Illumination of what’s possible, and three Developmental Objectives that provide the roadmap for the capabilities and ‘muscles’ needed to embody your new way of being in your Topic.
    • Each month you’ll receive two 60 minute sessions.
    • Custom designed practices to work on between sessions to help you develop and strengthen the ‘muscles’ and capabilities needed to support you in realizing your Topic.
    • Accountability and support along the way.

    Program Options

    3 Month Program $1,800
    (May be paid in full, or paid in three installments)


    6 Month Program $3,600
    (May be paid in full or paid in six payments installments)


    9 Month Program $5,400
    (May be paid in full or paid in nine payments installments)

    If you’re ready to begin or want more information, please fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you soon…