What Clients are Saying…

Jennifer G.

Sydney's gentle and steady coaching created an environment where I was able to come to a lot of conclusions and AHA moments on my own. The seeds she planted in those 3 months of coaching ( now a year and a half later) have bloomed into areas of sustained change and growth. She allowed me to see more than I could and invited me to get more perspective when I felt like there were not many options. She uncovered a strength and power in me that was always there but I had not quite found the courage to use. I have made and continue to make some brave choices and changes in my personal and professional life based on a lot of the work we did together. I am longing for another 3 months with her again to even go further.

Anna Clower

I wasn't sure if I had it "together enough" to sign up for a coaching program. As silly as it sounds, I thought I needed to have a clear vision, a mission statement of sorts, for what I would like to work on with Sydney, so that I didn't waste her (or my) time. I soon found that the "mission statement" was something Sydney and I would create together during our first session. It was a product of our conversation with each other, and something that would change as my insight deepened.

During the coaching experience, the wording I used gained specific importance, for it created a mood that I may, or may not, wish to follow. For example, I initially desired "structure" to help me achieve my goals. Later, I realized a more gentle approach included "support" to steer me towards the potential I was aiming to realize.

As a result of the coaching process, I gained a new confidence in my ability to make choices that enrich my life in the personal and professional realms. I felt grounded in my vision for being a daughter of God, a wife, mother, and now a working woman. I no longer fell hostage to sacrificing one area of my life in order for the other areas to flourish. This isn't a "super woman" mentality, but an intentionality in allowing each area to have its importance, while recognizing appropriate boundaries that foster my health in every part of my life. As a result, everyone benefits from a healthier balanced me!

The coaching program exceeded my expectations. I often told Sydney that the things we discussed were just outside of my reach. I had to "practice" the concepts we discussed, and I sometimes floundered while other times flourishing. We kept what worked and tossed what did not. Never was Sydney about rules and commands. She challenged me to invite the same grace she offered into my own way of thinking. That grace-filled mentality spread into my daily life.

My "focus" wasn't realized once the coaching sessions were completed. With Sydney, we created a vision for my future which included a "grounded" Anna each and every day. That requires continued intentionality on my part. I will have days where I did nothing that we discussed, but I now know of ways to get myself back on track. It's encouraging to have a starting gate to which I can return when I get overwhelmed!

Wendy Glass

I have had hardwired feelings of inadequacy that show up in all areas of my life that I felt was hindering me from building a business.

I was amazed to see incremental change happen in such a subtle and gentle way. There was never any pressure, and even though I had to be vulnerable, the more vulnerable I was the more I experienced positive change. It was like shining a light on my soul.

I had started coaching thinking it would be more troubleshooting some hinderances in my personality that may have a negative effect on growing a new business, but it ended up going much deeper and being much more personal. Really getting to the roots of what needed to be focused on.

I didn't know what to expect upon entering the program, but I came out of it truly enlightened and feeling more grounded and secure in my true self, which is priceless.

Sydney is a wonderful coach. She is powerfully intuitive. She really meets you were you need to be met, even if you don't know where that is right away. If you are looking for true change you want Sydney to be your guide.


I woke up one morning and knew I needed to find a way to re-inhabit my body, and start moving. Not just for my health and weight, but for my mental health as well. When I got to work I had an email from Sydney about the integrative coaching, and as I'd admired her blog from afar for a while, I took it as a sign and enrolled. I honestly didn't think it would work for me, but it surprised and astonished me at every turn.

The practices and homework were compact and did not take a lot of time, but initially I struggled to do them. Once I started, however, I saw big results from such small requests (both physical movement and observation/contemplation) that in spite of myself, I really started to enjoy them. Sydney was wonderful--loving, supportive, interested--and offered all sorts of supplemental information to help me move the directions I needed/wanted. I was continually astonished at not only what I was learning, but that I could enjoy it, and want to do the exercises. I have never enjoyed exercise in my life, but started looking forward to it, which shocked me. (And I still look forward to it, an even bigger shock).

The mistaken beliefs I had about movement and my physical self were also affecting other areas in my life. When I started to change how I saw my physical self and the choices I was making, and started understanding them, other areas of my life starting changing. I found that when I was open and curious, change could happen almost instantly. Issues I'd had for years literally fell away in days, situations completely changed--it was just lovely. It demonstrated what Sydney had been encouraging me to see--that we are holistic beings and all of our ways of being (physical, emotional, etc.) are connected. Honestly, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next--way better than tv!

Oh yes--it worked in ways I hadn't even been able to imagine. This isn't just encouragement to throw in a few leg lifts, this is a way to transform your relationship to yourself. And it is a blast (even though initially I thought it would be more like a punishment and having someone "make" me exercise--so if you are thinking that, this might be perfect for you, because it's lovely to be proved completely wrong about that)!


The organic process...seemed to unfold naturally. It wasn't contrived or artificial. And Sydney listens...truly listens.Having someone who is truly listening. Not taking notes or glancing at a clock. I always felt respected and heard.

My coaching program went beyond my expectations. I would recommend this coaching to everyone no matter where they are in their life.

Nancy Miller

My life changed where I wasn't care taking of some important people in my life anymore; I was looking for a new purpose and was floundering about my self-worth as well as being broken hearted;

Sydney actively listened to my story for a very long time....she then provided me verbal and written instructions specific to transforming my obstacle. She showed me baby steps and actual recommendations instead of broad spectrum ideas. I felt like Sydney was on my team; nonjudgmental, patient, and full of love and support for me;

I gained some very specific long term healing techniques from working with Sydney. I also still practice the techniques that she taught me..(like putting my right hand on my heart and letting my heart speak to me - then writing them down). My heart was so closed up that I hadn't even realized it.

Working with Sydney met and exceeded my expectations.

Sydney is an extremely active listener; she is easy to talk with and keeps things simple. I loved the experience. Anyone looking to grow spiritually and/or emotionally can benefit greatly from Sydney's miracle minded body coaching.


The best thing about our work together was that, while we worked to meet my particular needs, Sydney tailored the exercises to meet my interests as well. She helped me to clarify my goals, both personal and professional, and to determine the obstacles that existed. Most importantly, Sydney helped me to see the progress that had already been made toward those goals.

The most memorable moment of our work together came when Sydney read her "picture" of me after our initial session. Her understanding of the situations I face in my personal and professional life and the way that I encounter and move through those situations made it seem that we had been close friends forever! Her articulation was both clarifying and validating for me and it set the stage for trust and progress throughout our work together.

The coaching program exceeded my expectations! I had hoped to walk away with a more clearly defined vision but the work accomplished so much more than that! Because of the practices Sydney suggested, I was able to learn to focus most of my energies and this has helped me to be more successful in both personal and professional life. My days are much less "cluttered" since my work with Sydney.

My time with Sydney became a bright spot on my calendar. I looked forward to our sessions as though I was getting together with an old friend. I highly recommend integral coaching with Sydney!

Allison F.

The most helpful aspect of this experience is that it gave me real, practical tools to begin to change the way I approach identified weaknesses. It has allowed me to positively change my thought patterns and to give myself a break rather than constantly pushing myself. When challenges arise, I feel more in charge of taking the time I need to process before moving forward and making a decision. Overall, I feel more balanced and centered as a result of the program.

I would DEFINITELY recommend you and and your program to others! You have such a glowing and peaceful energy that creates a comfortable environment for tackling those less-than-pleasant topics that arise in the self-exploration process. I felt that we were partners in the whole process. You are kind and sincere. You also knew to exact moment when a laugh was needed to lighten the mood.

Jennifer S.

For me, the benefits of the program are twofold: the ease of working it into my
already hectic lifestyle and its practicality. The fact that each practice was just 5-7
times a week and only for a few minutes or even was just a small action, like letting
someone know I was thinking of them, really did make the difference.

I could easily accomplish my practices on the spur of the moment. It never became one more item on my perpetual to-do list. Incorporation was so easy that many times I would come to my sessions thinking I had nothing to discuss and no progress had been made,but upon reflection, I realized just how the practices were creating small changes in my behaviors.

The flexibility of the practices is also a concept I love. The fact that if something didn’t match with my growth, it changed to something to match where I was personally headed was something I appreciated. All practices consisted of
actions I would have a visceral reaction to and while not easy, they were all actions I knew I needed to do in order to continue my own personal growth. I’m so
appreciative to this program as I have seen influential changes in myself that are the ones that I want, but it didn’t feel like a tremendous implode your life ordeal;
instead, it was just a gentle urging to thinking and doing in the new ways to have the life I want to live.

Laura H.

Working with Sydney as an Integral Coach™ has been a very artful experience of self discovery. Her encouragement and coaching have helped me find a renewed ability to connect to the reflective fuel of my inner being. Sydney's approach to coaching utilized my desire to grow by offering me tools of mindfulness and practical skill development. By participating in coaching I feel like the muddy waters of my internal goals have become clearer and I have new tools to approach the hurdles that I need to jump in my life. It is a gift to have a coach like Sydney who is a gracious listener, gifted at seeing your vision with you, and gentle in her presence. I am so grateful to have new vision for my daily life!